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Fascia Distortion Model (FDM)

The Fascia Distortion Model (FDM) was developed by Stephen Typaldos (Us- american Osteopathic Physician). It is an anatomical model where traumas and other injuries can be mapped back to one or more of six specific distortions of fascia. Fascia is the latin name for what we call connective tissue. Fascia techniques are a very powerful tool in Physiotherapy and are gaining more and more recognition in modern medicine. For a long time fascia wasn't considered to be relevant in treatments but research has shown the importance of including this crucial structure into treatments to gain long lasting effects. Patients, especially those who struggle with certain health problems for a long time, often benefit from this technique and treatment method. Many find relief in this method where others have failed.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Studio Realign works with Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Fascilitation (PNF). These techniques are tried and tested methods in the rehabilitation process of neurological diseases, and deliver great results.  In this technique functional (active and passive) movements are applied to stimulate different sensors around the body. Through this holistic stimulation, an interaction between nerves and muscles is triggered.  PNF techniques are used in:


  •  Therapy after a stroke

  •  Therapy of Parkinson's disease

  •  Therapy of Multiple sclerosis

  •  Therapy of other neurological impairments

  •  Therapy after orthopaedic injuries and/or        surgeries (e.g hip replacements, sprains      


Exercise therapy - Physiotherapy meets Pilates

Studio Realign incorporates Pilates exercises into a physio-therapeutic treatment. During my Pilates education I gained a completely different perspective on exercises and movement education. This led me to reassess the common exercises which are often used in Physiotherapy. I began to introduce Pilates exercises instead of standard physiotherapy exercises in patient treatment programs. The results were incredible. It appeared to me that my patients were able to achieve much better results in their treatment.


Over time, the patients learned how to move and position their bodies correctly during the Pilates exercises. In doing so they were able take this knowledge into their daily lives which turned out to be an enormous advantage to them. This special approach of exercise therapy can be used:  


  • After long term periods of immobilisation

  • In rehabilitation after surgery

  • For treatment of weakness and/ or impairment of posture

  • In treatment of chronic diseases

  •  For prevention 

Mobilisation techniques

Mobilisation techniques have shown to be an advantageous treatment method for patients with orthopaedic limitations in their joints or connective tissue structure. Some mobilization techniques can also be seen in the Fascia Distortion Model (see above). The main goal is to help the patient in mobilising him/herself through exercises or through use of manual techniques.

Massage therapy/ Hot Stone Massage

Studio Realign uses Massage therapy for relaxation and/or activation of muscle tissue in order to overcome inhibited movement capacity and pain. It can be beneficial in cooperation with exercise therapy or Pilates.

Fysiotherapie en Pilates in Eindhoven

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